Progress, we are all moved in!!!


So we have turned in our keys and all moved in to the tiny house. I can’t say enough of how much I love this place. Now I need to finish unpacking because this place looks like a storage unit. I don’t want to post any pictures until we are unpacked, it is pure chaos. We have new carpet, fresh paint and we have to be hands on in our life style. Nothing is fast or super easy and I like it. I like the process of it all and can’t wait until we get organized. Everyone loves the storage/entertainment thing I designed and it makes me want to design more ;). I am sending my father the plans for a couch I am designing, he will build it in FL then bring it up here. I am excited but it is hard to draw and design something that you see already built and 4 dimensional in your head; it hurts my heart to make it flat on paper 🙂

This place is the place I have been wanting for 2 and a half years, a place thats mine…and we don’t even own it. Knowing I designed the furniture and was apart of it all; Not just buying object. Creating life in what we will live with is amazing. I will be building a table or getting one and re-doing it soon, our table wasn’t working. Just one more opportunity to be fully involved in my own life. It is crazy to think about how uninvolved I used to be in my own life. In my food, clothes, belongings. Now I read every label, make sure my clothes are reused to help against the waist of making new, and building what I need and depending on myself and loved ones instead of a factory and people who I will never know. I am free from stuff and filled with love and joy in actually being involved in my life. I wash my dishes not a machine but sometimes my husband ;). I wash my clothes in a small electric washer that needs MY help and I cook my food. I pay close attention to what goes into my body. I am so glad to be apart of my life and not letting it just run on with out me contributing. What parts of your life do you just set a timer and walk away? Could you be more involved? Do you read what is in your food, you would be surprised how long the list is? Looking closer gives freedom.

Love, Me


The Move In Progress


So we are in our new place and we LOVE IT! We are still in the process of moving out of the old house into this one. We should be settled in by the end of the weekend. We have painted, figured out where everything should go. Cooking in our kitchen makes me so happy and doing laundry isn’t  a chore. I love that i can step through the door way and see Jeff, not having to yell across the house to say something. We need our couch built so Jeff’s drums will have a home and our butts will have a place to sit. This is a great little cottage and we adore it. I can’t wait until we have everything all in and organized I don’t like the mess. I will post some before and after pictures next week. I the simple life makes everything so much easier even if it means working a little bit harder.


Love, Me

Tiny House Time: Getting Started


I am so excited to share that Jeff and I are on the hunt for a trailer to build our tiny house. This is really happening and I am so excited!!! I have worked on floor plans for months now and finally have one that I love. I started out with just markers and doodles and know I have everything measured to the exact space that we need.  I have worked out a budget which is the first major step. I don’t want to spend over $800 for a trailer and I have budgeted everything down to how much the kitchen sink will cost, this is helpful when building to make sure you don’t spend too much. We want an 8 foot by 20 ft trailer, this will give us 133 usable square feet. Our total square footage will be about 211 square ft of living space with the loft included. People ask Jeff and I all the time when we will have kids and we both say, “not for a few more years”. Now the question is, “do you plan to raise kids in your tiny house?” And the answer is “YES!” Our tiny house is set up with enough space for a baby-6 years old. I know what we are doing isn’t normal but if you have met us… you know we are not normal. We will have a place for a pack and play and a baby area in the loft when the day comes. It isn’t crazy what we are doing, even though it might seem that way. Yes there will be no way to run off and slam a door, our issues will need to be worked out and gone over. We will have to stay tidy, spend time with each other and get out of the house. Having a tiny house means we will get out more, be outside and do more activities. There is only so much you can to in a tiny house. So as we go through the stages of this process I want to share it all because it is hard to find all the info one needs in one place. So I will share what I can, mistakes and all. Thank you for reading and I am excited about what is to come.

Success is not for me!




[picture found on Pinterest, a Tiny house]


  • Attainment of fame, wealth, or power: impressive achievement, especially the attainment of fame, wealth, or power

In this crazy world and rat race of life I do not want to be a “success.” I don’t want a normal job where you make money because you need to for the rest of my life. My dream is to work hard for just a few years and save money to fulfill my dreams. The average person strives to own a house that was build for them, to pay a mortgage, and now there is a very small chance for retirement. That won’t be me, and I know that I need to have a job to pay for my life and so does my husband, but why not do what you love. These ideas and hopes seem so far fetched but there not, it just matters how you choose to live your life. In what kind of house, area, and how much you have.

I keep thinking about how when I die acquiring all this stuff won’t change my life, it would hinder it. Worry about what will happen to it, how expensive it is…boo on that. All I need is the 1 drawer full of cloths and my tiny closet, a roof, food and love. And thats the plan. My husband would agree he needs more and I guess I can work with that :).

We want to build a tiny house, I mean tiny, 250sq Feet, small. Once it is built there is no morgue or payments. This seems impossible and stupid to some people but if you think about the room in your house you use once a week, do you really need it. Or that room used once a year. You pay for all that heat, electricity and air to make an unused space feel better. If you like all the extra space then great but I know in my life I don’t need a chart room that just holds my stuff. So a tiny house is the answer, just the right amout of space we really use.

This isn’t something you do over night…unless your feeling lucky. This is a transition and a mind change that takes time, the time helps get the “American Dream” out of one’s head. We have been in this transition for 8 months now and probably have a year to go. Stuff isn’t the goal, giving and living is! To take all the adventures that one has dreamed of  and the life you “wish” you could have, is real. This faze in our life won’t be easy but it is worth it. Saving so much money means we will save for our future and not be apart of the “successful” rat race. Our family will spend time together instead of our kids at school, us at work and having 3hrs together. I want all day with my family and when we are fed up with each other we will do our own activities and get over ourselves.

I don’t want wealth I want adventure, I don’t want to be famous to the world I want to be famous to my kids and family, and I don’t want power over people I want to empower people to live a greater life. To help those that have totally lost hope. God has given us a great opportunity in our lives to be whomever we dream and then he takes our dreams, makes them his and then gives them back 100% better than before. Thats my dream and goal. I want success in another definition:

  • Achievement of intention: the achievement of something planned or attempted

I will attempt to live a happy, giving, Jesus filled life. Living out my dreams and being joyful not just happy. And I have a plan for the future that I will attempt to stick to.

I hope this encouraged someone to make even the slightest bit of change in your life, my changes and very drastic, I don’t expect that. Remember you live once, there is no “I will do it some other time”, you have now and thats it. 20 years from now you might be too old,  you won’t not do the things you love, see the places you dream about or live the way you wanted. Take one baby step toward your dreams, plan those dreams and find a way to get them done. You can do it I believe in you with all that is in me. Life is more than money its about joy, love and peace. God bless and when you seek God with all your heart you will find him [thats a sneak peak for next time].

Hi everyone, I know I have started blogs time and time again but I hope this one sticks. If you like what you read please comment, it is encouraging. Thank you.